Country boy dating

I've found that a common dream of many women who grew up a city is to live out on a farm,but for many the fantasy is unlike the reality.

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My personal preference is to have a partner who shares some of the passions I do on certain topics, as this makes for wonderful thought provoking conversations.

I would never dismiss a man who was a farmer/rancher, as everyone is an individual and I have always believed that it goes to reason, that if one person expects to be given a chance or an opportunity, it must be reciprocal.

Tell me if I am wrong but when looking for a man, I think I have to look at the men who work the land.

A man who works the land has an appreciation for hard work, knows how to use his hands and is able to use critical thinking skill to solve most any problem. They don’t wait around expecting someone else to do it or pay someone else to do it if they can do it themselves.

I have family in both provinces and I was amazed at the number of cowboys and ranchers.

I'm a city girl, I love the look of a man in a nice suit and someone to talk to about business, economics, world issues, or current events.

Talking about farm work, crops, livestock and watching a man spit out a mouthful of snuff just does not do it for me.

In Alberta or Rural Ontario, it was hard to find men who interested me. Well, I certainly hope that farmers everywhere read that! Msg 3 - not stereotyping - stating a personal preference.

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