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2017: the year Hurricane Harvey raged, Brexit bit and a 13-tonne fatberg was found floating in an east London sewer. Here are some reasons to be cheerful you may have forgotten: China banned the the ivory trade.

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Source: Population estimates based on the results of population censuses 1974; 1992; 20 and Demographic Survey 2016.

Central Department for Statistics and Information (CDSI)/ General Authority for Statistics (Ga Stat) * mid-year estimates based on figures from census 2010 ** mid-year estimates based on figures from Demographic Research Bulletin 2016 ANNEXED NOTE Results of censuses conducted in 1992, 20 and Demographic Survey 2016 are available on the website of the General Authority for Statistics previously CDSI, in downloadable Excel and PDF formats.

The pair finally met in person in Egypt, where gender mixing is more accepted than in Saudi Arabia, long dominated by a puritanical form of Islam that has been challenged recently by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's push toward a more moderate interpretation of the religion.

“Our culture here, they make love a sin,” Waleed said.

The world’s second-largest economy – and largest ivory market – said that it would stop the commercial processing and sale of ivory by 31 March 2017, and the ban came into effect on Sunday, the last day of the year.

The move has been hailed as a game-changer for wildlife conservation. Thanks to regenerative medicine, organ replacement, gene therapy and other brain-busting breakthroughs, humans are living longer than ever before.

While applicable the world over, Shakespeare’s words are particularly true in swiftly changing Saudi Arabia.

Long forbidden, dating has arrived in the ultra-conservative Gulf kingdom with some Saudis meeting and marrying without the help of relatives.

Because sex and romantic love remain highly controversial subjects in the kingdom, interviewees spoke to NBC News on condition of anonymity, and pseudonyms have been used.


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